23 December 2016

Ramsay IT Christmas Opening Hours

The Christmas opening hours and arrangements for Ramsay IT should be rather familiar to most. From everyone at Ramsay IT have a fantastic Christmas and a Merry New Year.  We Would ask that issues are reported as they occur over the Christmas period and not stored up until January as this can make the first...
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29 November 2016

Prevent Phishing Attacks

Prevent Phishing Attacks with impenetrable yet quick and convenient security Security, has to be inconvenient right? Wrong, with G-Suite USB Security Keys we can protect your G-Suite Business account and Prevent Phishing Attacks and account hacking with one simple easy to use security feature. I would urge you to secure all of your accounts with this bank level security.  Not only...
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13 May 2016

DMARC Roll-Out

Email Security Changes – DMARC Roll-Out As part of our commitment to being at the forefront of technology and providing our customers with the most secure systems available Ramsay.IT are pleased to announce DMARC Roll-Out bringing new advanced email security features to our customers. SPF / DKIM / DMARC Over the next few weeks as part of...
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12 May 2016

What is DMARC and why should I use it?

In the third in a series of Blog Posts about email security and deliverability,  I set out to explain what DMARC is and why you should use it. DMARC or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance Policy is the most recent addition to a suite of email authentication methods available to companies. A DMARC policy...
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11 May 2016

What is SPF and why should I use it?

In the first in a series of Blog Posts about email security and deliverability,  I set out to explain what SPF is and why you should use it. SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework and whilst that might sound very technical it’s actually a very simple validation system that was introduced to detect email spoofing....
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28 April 2016

Changes to Public visibility of Google Calendar Events

Google have announced important changes to public visibility of Google Calendar events. The Changes to Public visibility of Google Calendar Events will take place on May 16, 2016 and will change the behavior of calendar events that users have intentionally marked as public. These Public events will now strictly follow the corporate domain’s external sharing policy...
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27 April 2016

Apple QuickTime on Windows

Apple has announced that it is withdrawing Apple QuickTime on Windows. Apple will not be issuing security updates to patch a number of serious security flaws in the application and have recommended users uninstall Apple QuickTime on Windows. Two advisories detailing two new, critical vulnerabilities affecting QuickTime for Windows have just been issued and because...
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21 March 2016

Ramsay IT Main Phone Line Fault

Main Phone Line Fault – Ramsay.IT – RESOLVED Our inbound call management system provider TTNC has RESOLVED the issue this means that all of our main line numbers once again operational. In order that we may manage call volumes effectively we ask that you email any issues to Support@Ramsay.it or log them directly via the Ticketing system by visiting support.ramsay.it This was due to an upstream...
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14 January 2016

Picking a Good Password

Picking a Good Password  is an important aspect of computer security. A poorly chosen password may result in unauthorized access and/or exploitation of systems and resources. All users, including clients, contractors and vendors with access to Ramsay.IT systems, are responsible for taking the appropriate steps, as outlined below, to select and secure their passwords.  ...
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07 January 2016

WordPress Security Vulnerability

WordPress have issued a major Update 4.4.1 to address a XSS WordPress Security Vulnerability. WordPress 4.4 and earlier versions contain a significant WordPress Security Vulnerability known as a Cross-Site Scripting or XSS Security Vulnerability. Exploitation of this WordPress Security Vulnerability allows a remote attacker to take control of your website. Once they have control they can...
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